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    Zhaodong North Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a boiler auxiliary machine enterprise specializing in the engineering design, complete equipment manufacturing, engineering guidance installation and commissioning of coal-fired boilers and slag removal systems for power station boilers and industrial boilers.

    The company was founded in April 2004 and is located in the Economic Development Zone of Zhaodong City. It covers an area of 1,206 square meters, with a plant area of 2,271.64 square meters. It has 61 employees, including 3 engineers, 1 assistant engineer and 3 technicians. It has more than 20 large-scale machining equipment. The annual output value is 15 million yuan.


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  • The unloader is in a stage of rapid development 2018-10-30

    China's unloading machine industry has become the top ten machinery industry in China. In the past 20 years, the unl...

  • Unloading machine maintenance cycle and scope introduction 2018-10-30

    Unloader maintenance cycle: The maintenance cycle of the mobile belt unloader is divided into daily shift maintenance a...

  • NE plate chain bucket elevator installation 2018-07-17

    Some customers use a chain hoist not much, and think that the installation of the chain hoist is very troublesome. The n...

  • Repair and maintenance of desulfurization and dust removal tower 2018-06-15

    The economic benefits brought about by the desulfurization and dedusting tower equipment and the overall social comprehe...

  • Repair and maintenance of bag filter 2018-06-15

    The use and maintenance of the pulse cleaning bag type dust collector, the general problems and precautions for the sale...

  • Belt conveyor operation precautions 2019-06-10

    First, the operator conditions belt conveyor manufacturers The operator must pass the professional training examination...

  • The feeder is cheap, the consequences are very serious! 2018-09-25

    he feeder is cheap, the consequences are very serious! Mining enterprises buy feeders, quality is the basis for the firs...

  • Several solutions to reduce the noise of the vibration feeder 2018-09-25

    Due to the working principle of the vibrating feeder, all vibrating feeders will generate certain noise during the worki...

  • What is the use of ZQD-I type automatic voltage regulator protection function? 2018-06-15

    The fully automatic voltage regulator device is a power supply circuit or power supply device capable of automatically a...

  • Office Tips (Maintenance of the printer) 2018-06-15

    1. Print head cleaning methodAfter the inkjet printer is not used for a long time or after using for a period of time, t...

  • Belt conveyor installation safety technical measures 2019-05-10

    Belt conveyor installation safety technical measures, the main contents are: coal bunker1. Installation technical measur...

  • What factors are affected by the crushing capacity of the crusher? 2019-04-02

    The crusher generally handles larger pieces of material with a coarser grain size, typically greater than 8 mm. Its stru...

  • Belt conveyor operating procedures 2019-03-14

    When the belt conveyor stops running, press the stop button to stop the total power supply after the system is completel...

  • Causes and solutions for the blockage of screw conveyor 2019-02-14

    he screw conveyor can transport particles, powders and small blocks, etc. There are many types of conveying, such as hor...

  • How should the motor on the feeder be improved? 2019-01-02

    The elastic adjustment of the feeder has adopted the idea of adjusting the natural frequency W0 due to the fact that the...


    Years of industry experience

    01 Exquisite production technology

    The company strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system for systematic and standardized management.

    02 Perfect after-sales service

    Over the years, with our strong technical force, advanced production technology, rich design and manufacturing experience

    03 Quality assurance

    With the development goal of “Creating a 100-year brand in the North and building a 100-year-old enterprise in the North”

    04 Professional team

    More than 60 types of machining equipment, more than 130 employees. There are 3 senior engineers and 12 professional engineers and technicians.

    Contact us

    Zhaodong North Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Address: Northeast Road Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Outer Ring Road, Economic Development Zone, Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province

    Fax: 0455-6611315

    General Manager's Office: 0455-7907315 0455-7909315

    Contact: Guo Yizhen

    Phone: 15663743314

    Afer-sales, technical support: 13703675880, 13967644508


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